About Pakaraka Farm

Established by Harry Parke and Jeanette Fitzsimons in 1991, and joined by Niva, Yotam, Lily and Dina Kay in 2014.

On the farm you will find sheep, cows, chickens, worms, bees, silvopasture, olive orchard, pecan orchard, chestnut orchard, vegetable and cut flower market garden, establishing food forests, home fruit orchard, home vegetable garden, passive solar house, reclaimed wood built barn,
hardwood timber plantations and regenerating bush.

The farm is off-grid, powered by solar and micro-hydro systems, and has multiple springs that flow from the native bush which we use as our water supply.

We harvest over 1,500 kg of fresh chestnuts which are available mid-March until June. Fresh and hot chestnuts are available in season at our market stalls.

In 2014, Niva and Yotam established Pakaraka Permaculture on the farm, with the burning desire to feed their community with fresh, local and nutrient dense salads and vegetables. We grow over 8,500 kg of produce every season from this garden.

In 2016 we established Pakaraka Permaculture Education Centre to share our love and experience
for regenerative organic gardening.


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