Pakaraka Permaculture

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Pakaraka Permaculture Market Garden

We are growing over 8,000 kg of food a season on 1/4 acre of land. We believe the future of food is in small scale-diverse and local production. We are very passionate about growing real food for our community. We specialize in growing fresh seasonal vegetables, herbs, strawberries, salads and microgreens.


Beyond Organic

Our gardens are certified organic by OFNZ. We are located within Pakaraka Farm, which has been organic for over 20 years. We are a heap stricter than what the organic code allows, and we don’t use any commercial herbicides, pesticides or fungicides at all.
The gardens are spring fed from a water source, located 250 meters above the gardens, coming from the bush with no uphill residence.
By implementing a sustainable soil fertility program, we are increasing the life in the soil, building organic matter in the soiland mineralizing the soil with natural macro and micro nutrients. Along with implementing permaculture design and regenerative soil practices, we are aspiring to grow nutrient dense food.

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Pakaraka Permaculture