Pākaraka Permaculture Education Centre & Garden

Established in 2014 by Niva and Yotam Kay, Pākaraka Permaculture is a leading example of organic regenerative small-scale market gardening. We are growing over 10,000 kg of food a season on a 1/4 acre of land while improving our soil and ecosystem.

We are passionate about growing nourishing food for our community and specialise in fresh greens, salads, microgreens and seasonal vegetables. We believe the future of fresh food is local, small-scale and diverse as part of mitigating the current social and ecological crises.

We are running on sunshine! Our chiller is powered by our solar system, and by charging our electric delivery car on our solar system, we strive to deliver our vegetables in the same way that they are grown – with care for the earth, sunshine and love.

Our Produce is Nutrient Dense, Hand-Cultivated, Full of Flavour, Seasonal, Picked to order, 100% Certified Organic, Locally Grown in the Kauaeranga Valley on our Off-Grid Farm

You can find our salads and produce at the Thames Organic Shop, The Green Grocer in Thames and All Things Organic (Tairua) throughout the year, as well as restaurants and cafés across the Coromandel.

Chefs - please flick us an email to Hello@pakarakafarm.co.nz

Since 2022 we are no longer attending weekly markets and sending vegetable boxes.

Organic & Regenerativenative

Our farm and gardens are certified organic by Organic Farms New Zealand #1009, since 1991.

The gardens are spring fed from a few water sources, located a few hundred meters above the gardens, coming from the native regenerating bush.

By implementing a sustainable soil fertility program and using no-till cultivation methods, we are increasing the life in the soil, building organic matter in the soil and mineralising the soil with natural macro and micro nutrients. We are extremely excited to see how we can grow intensively, while improving the soil's health on all parameters.

For all inquiries, please contact us at Hello@pakarakafarm.co.nz

Check out our media page for articles, interviews and videos featuring our gardens


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