Ferment, Preserve, Pickle Workshop


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Tutors: Niva & Yotam Kay


29th November 2020 (Sunday) Sold out

Hours: 9 am to 5 pm

Come and learn how we preserve and ferment the foods that come out of the farm and gardens. It‘s all about nutritious-delicious foods, made with love.

We ferment, preserve and pickle the produce we grow on the farm, and you will gain the same valuable experience from the workshop if you live in the city. Eating live-probiotic foods is highly beneficial for our general health and it is an important part of a healthy diet.

We share many easy and inexpensive recipes, that will help you get a good start in your fermentation journey. This workshop is also suitable for experienced fermenters, as we share many tips and tricks we gathered over the past 15 years of fermenting foods.

On top of demonstrations, we will get you to roll your sleeves, while we make a wide variety of ferments together. We will show you how to:

Ferment and Pickle Vegetables

Ferment Vegetables in Brine

Make Sauerkraut

Make Kimchi

Make Beet Kvass

Make Ogi (Fermented Millet Porridge) and talk about the importance of fermenting grains

Make a Sourdough bread and maintaining a sourdough starter (Including gluten free bread)

Make Traditional Yogurt & Dairy-free Yogurt

Make Labaneh (Yogurt Cheese)

Fruit scrap vinegar

Tej (Ethiopian honey wine)


Please bring 6-8 small jars (150 - 250 ml) to take goodies home with you.

This is a fully catered workshop. Organic lunch, morning and afternoon tea will be provided.

Plan your visit to Thames


"Thanks for sharing your experience, we have since made kvass, fermented red cabbage, fermented kohlrabi, fermented chill-garlic hot sauce and I will soon start on the Koji, just need to ensure I have a few days with lesser action than normal". Ellen Schindler

“Thought the workshop was a great mix of theory and lecture as well as hands on.  I've been to classes before where there is minimal to no hands on, and I think that can provide some really great information for people.  They get a better understanding of things such as, how hard to massage the cabbage when making kraut, how much you really need to pack in the miso, etc.". Carl Geib

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