Custom Workshops

We love sharing what we do on the farm, and we are excited to offer our workshop range of gardening, fermentation, preserving produce, small-scale farming and homesteading beyond our public workshops. 

Workshops can be hosted here on the farm, or we can travel to visit you across Aotearoa and overseas.  

We offer dynamic and entertaining events, and we are regularly invited to teach workshops and speak at events off-site. 

Custom workshops are a great way to enrich and up-skill your team or audience in the topics of our expertise. We are happy to customise the content of our workshops to suit your unique audience better and work with your time restraints. Custom workshops can suit:

  • Companies and organisations that are interested in sustainability.

  • Companies or organisations interested in edible landscaping or want to enrich their staff with organic gardening techniques.

  • Keynote speaker/speaker at events and festivals.

  • Expert panel discussion.

  • High-School Horticultural study classes.

  • Community garden groups and gardening clubs.

To inquire, please email us at

Our clients and partners include:


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