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"This is a great course! Yotam is such an inspiration and so generous in sharing his knowledge and enthusiasm for organic market gardening. The course is a cleverly concise overview of Pakaraka's accumulated experience and it has given our maara kai the best possible head start. We have been set up for success! Loved the online format too! Highly recommended! Thank you so much Yotam!" Gretta Carney

"Yotam's passion for permaculture is palpable. It was a well thought through course jam packed with helpful tips that I have instantly incorporated into my gardening practice. 10/10 Highly recommended." Mike Mizrahi

"The amount of information and discussion and that it is so practical. The way Yotam shared his knowledge and expertise and his interest in participants experience. No question was a dumb question. It was fabulous." Jenny C.

What students say:

Market Gardening Course

"If you have aspirations of becoming a small market gardener then I highly recommend this course. Yotam is a very generous and passionate tutor who willingly shares his knowledge and experience in growing vegetables. The course is extremely well structured taking you from the beginning of garden design and set-up, through crop selection and growth and ending with the marketing and financial aspects of running a commercial venture. The course material provided is extensive and all my questions were answered either within the material provided or through the weekly live tutorials conducted by Yotam. This course gives you all the information you need to know - then it's over to you to make it happen!" Wendy Averis

Home Gardening Course

"My wife and I thoroughly enjoyed the permaculture course with Pakaraka Permaculture. Yotams enthusiasm is infectious and keeps things interesting. It was great to be able to see their farm operating through the seasons and at each stage of the growing cycle. We learned a lot even in the areas where we thought we were knowledgeable and now have new things to try. I would totally recommend the course and consider it great value for money." Hedley Wilton

"I am fairly new to gardening but am really passionate about our environment and striving to become as self sufficient as possible. I would love to have a market garden to blend passion with work in the future so when I saw this course advertised I couldn't pass up the opportunity to learn. This course was absolutely amazing for information from start to finish on the process of setting up, running, managing and being successful in the market gardening business. I really appreciate the information and expertise that was given; Yotam is always so happy to answer any questions and provide really great insight. I also learned a lot from other participants in our weekly meetings as many other students are already on the path to market gardening. The learning platform is so well set up with modules and easy to access and understand information, it even has optional assignments that would help even further when in the process of starting up. This course is well worth it if you are seriously considering a market garden." Sarah Scott

""I did the home gardening course and loved every minute. Yotam is the source of so much knowledge, and every session was filled with information, ideas and tips. I found Yotam was always encouraging, no matter where we were at in our journey. To get the most out of the course, I needed to do the prereading and watch the videos, which is a commitment to the week, but well worth it. But the course was divided into manageable chunks, so I never felt overwhelmed with information.
The course has given me all the info and motivation to get me going organic, and covered a very wide range of topics, answering all our questions. Yotam has also been very generous in allowing us access to all the material for a year, and we have an ongoing platform to continue communicating with others in the course. I would highly recommend this course to anyone who wants to understand organic gardening but not sure where to start, or how to progress with it. Thank you so much Yotam." Sophia Harris

"This course was the perfect way to connect with fellow growers during another lock down.  Yotam is such a joyful passionate person with an incredible depth of knowledge and understanding of how to create a small-scale market garden using permaculture and regenerative means.  The course covers everything from crop planning to pest management and getting fresh produce to customers.  Whether you are just starting out with a vision of the garden you want to build or a long time gardener looking to level up and get your fresh organic produce into the community, this course will give you the clarity and confidence to start taking action!" Michelle K.

Online Fermentation course

Online Fermentation course

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