Our mission is to accelerate the transition to a regenerative, organic and just food system.


Regenerative Organic farming methodologies in our farm and gardens.


by providing the know-how to gardeners in every sector: private households, community groups and commercial operations.


by publishing Regenerative Organic related content across various media.


for Regenerative Organic practices as part of averting the climate, biodiversity and soil crises.

Pākaraka Farm

Pākaraka Permaculture Education Centre

Pākaraka Permaculture Market Garden

Meet the Team

Harry Parke - Founder - Pākaraka Farm

Harry has been a long time organic farmer. Harry has vast experience as a professional in livestock care and management, including 20 years as a professional and competition sheep shearer. 

Niva Kay - Founder - Pākaraka Permaculture

Niva is passionate about storytelling, and environmental and social justice. She has built a successful career as a digital producer, creating content in various media forms, including writing, photography, film, and more.  She is co-author of the #1 best-selling book ‘The Abundant Garden’.

She is the co-founder of The Rebel Film Collective, which is behind the co-creation of the award-winning feature documentary High Tide Don’t Hide.  Niva is the instigator and co-organiser of the annual REGENERATE Game Jam - for better farms in games.

Niva studied interdisciplinary environmental studies and continued into Permaculture design. She holds a Bachelor's degree in Leadership for Change and a Master's degree in Technological Futures, focused on Socio-Technical Imaginaries of Farms in Games.

Yotam Kay - Founder - Pākaraka Permaculture

Yotam is a master gardener, growing vegetables and teaching others how to do it since 2005. Yotam loves growing things and sharing his passion for it. Yotam holds a Diploma in Permaculture Design, a Graduate Diploma in Sustainable Practice and is a certified Permaculture teacher.

He is co-author of the #1 best-selling book ‘The Abundant Garden’, and a regular contributor to NZ Gardener Magazine.

Yotam had been working on a wide range of projects before establishing Pākaraka Permaculture in 2014; leading community garden projects, establishing food gardens & sustainability programs in schools, to managing commercial organic gardens in New Zealand.

Niva and Yotam were awarded the peer-reviewed 'Farmer of the Year' at the 2021 Organic NZ Awards.

Shakēd From

Shakēd has been living off-grid for the last decade, focusing on exploring and creating collaborations for regenerative abundance as a response to the global crises. Shaked has been one of the Trustees developing Kotare Village, managed the Heritage Fruit Tree Nursery and Forest Garden for Koanga Institute, and worked with schools and other institutions in establishing food/educational gardens. Shakēd has been teaching Permaculture related courses such as Design, Propagation, Forest garden design and management, Appropriate technologies, Bio-char production and application, Bio-intensive gardening, etc. Shaked specifically enjoys exploring practical, place-based, regenerative solutions for simple living.

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