build your farm

In this course, you will find all the information you need to build and operate your small scale no-till market farm

learn from experts

The information in this course is our most precious resource, and what enables us to yield over 9 tons of produce from a ¼ acre of land with gross sales of $100,000 of greens and vegetables a season, using no-till methods.

Yotam openly shares his 15 years of horticultural experience, as a teacher, manager and operator. In 2014 Yotam and his partner Niva established Pākaraka Permaculture Market Garden. Since 2016, when Pākaraka Permaculture had reached its current performance, Yotam has taught organic market gardening workshops to hundreds of aspiring market gardeners.

topics included:

  • Planning Your Farm

  • Infrastructure Design and Build

  • Planting & Growing Your Crops

  • Irrigation, Maintenance and Pest Control

  • Marketing and Strategy

  • Management, Safety and Farmer Health

  • Accounting and Financial Planning

The full course includes XX hours of videos, XX  resources, sheets and templates that will help you start fast, the smart and easy way.


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