Consultation with Yotam Kay

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Book a consultation with Yotam.

Schedule your Consultation for an Online or phone consultation.

  • Please email at to schedule a time and date, with 2-3 time and date options, and we will get back to you and do our best to make it work
  • Please note that consultations need at least a 3 days lead time.

To get the most out of our session

  • Email to let us know what you would like help with and hope to get from our time together.
  • Send prior to or bring photos to our zoom meeting.
  • Prepare to take notes.
  • Have a list of questions or issues you would like to discuss, arranged by priority.

Common consultation topics

  • Vegetable gardening and cropping questions
  • Garden design questions
  • Market gardening problem-solving
  • Market garden planning
  • Site evaluation and consideration in choosing a gardening site
  • Fermentation and preserving
  • Compost making
  • General garden troubleshooting
  • Recommended tools
  • Fine-tuning your irrigation
  • Tunnel house design
  • Microgreens growing support
  • Organic certification and food safety compliance
  • Permaculture design
  • Food forest and orchard health

More information and frequently asked questions

  • Need to change the time or date? No problem; email us at
  • Can I come and visit you on the farm instead of an online consultation? Please email us to the address below and we will let you know if we are able to meet you on the farm. Please don't visit the farm unless otherwise arranged.

To send photos and other inquiries, please email us at


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