Pākaraka Extra-Virgin Olive Oil


Size:250 ml

Pākaraka Extra-Virgin Olive Oil

We are excited for the first time to offer our fabulous olive oil for sale NZ wide. We have a limited quantity of the May 2024 harvest.

We pick our organic olives one small batch at a time to guaranty the freshest, highest quality oil. 

Our neighbours who live 1 km from us, operate a traditional cold-press olive oil facilities, which extracts 9 to 10 litres of olive oil from about 90 litre of fresh olives.

Our organic olive orchard has a 100 tress and includes 7 varieties, which were carefully chosen to produce a the highest quality olive oil with a sensational depth of flavour. Our olive oil has a peppery aroma that is due to the freshness and high quality of the oil. 

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